Красное Мукузани

Категория: Вино защищенным наименованием места происхождения (АОС) Дегустационные характеристики: Гастрономия: идеально подходит Температура сервировки: 14-16˚C

Регион: Кахетия
Аппеласьон: Мукузани
Виноградник: Собственный виноградник «Мзиури»
Сорт: Саперави(100%)
Цвет:Тёмно рубинорвый
Алкоголь: 14%

Особенности винификации:

During the fermentation in conical stainless steel tanks, extreme attention was given to an extraction aimed at fresh and fragrant aromas, full colors, and supple, elegant textures and tannins. Once the wine had been run off its skins at the end of the fermentation, it was put through a full malolactic fermentation in oak barrels to fully bring out the finesse and expressiveness of the aromas. The aging process, which lasted approximately 12-14 months, then began and took place in 60 gallon French and Hungarian oak barrels, partly new and partly used once previously.